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Tap In Tribe is a carefully curated initiative for working women. We are a membership-based network, which has been set up for women professionals, by women professionals, based on conversations with hundreds of women, across India and other markets. Our mission is to collaboratively address common challenges and barriers, fostering an enabling environment for growth and success. We unite exceptional mid-career and senior professionals across various industries to tackle shared issues, providing tangible solutions and upskilling opportunities. Aligned to SDG’s 4, 5 and 8.

Radical change, one woman at a time

Tap in Tribe is an initiative by professionals for professionals, set up by Amrita Tripathi, a leader with 20+ years of experience (Media, Digital, Mental Health Advocacy), building out programming based on conversations with hundreds of women across India and emerging markets.

Amrita Tripathi


Amrita Tripathi is a dynamic force in entrepreneurship, known for founding Tap In Tribe, a pioneering network empowering women in leadership, and The Health Collective, a groundbreaking platform for mental health awareness. Her award-winning journalism background and experience as the former head of Content Partnerships for Twitter India bring a wealth of media expertise and strategic insight to her ventures.

Amrita’s recent completion of the Leadership in Tech program at the Virginia Tech Institute underscores her commitment to innovation and leadership excellence. As a sought-after speaker and prolific author, her influence extends across diverse sectors, inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace positive change and drive meaningful impact.

Women professionals looking to follow a trailblazer who champions their growth and success will find in Amrita a source of transformative insights and actionable strategies. Connect with us at Tap in Tribe to redefine the boundaries of your professional journey and achieve new heights of success.

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Invested in our careers, invested in yours. We’re creating something uplifting and upskilling for working women, that is ultimately the power player in your corner. As much about peer support, mentorship, as it is about resources and a community.

Tap In Tribe: 
It’s a membership, a community, a movement.

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