Chai Chats: Celebrating Women’s Day with Insightful Discussions and Entrepreneurial Spirit

By Dea Srivastava

Ahead of Women’s Day, Tap in Tribe organised a small group to talk about Leadership, Success, AI and Entrepreneurship, as well as all the lessons learned in between. The space was infused with the energy of dynamic women entrepreneurs, brand managers, allies and thought leaders.

The event commenced with me discussing our new initiative to support startups (this event featured Zikrr, Breww47 and Health Collective, of which more below*) and we moved to Ms. Amrita Tripathi, the founder of Tap In Tribe, setting the stage for a thought-provoking discussion on generative AI and its implications for businesses, particularly in the context of emerging ventures. Joined by former Group CEO Balaji Telefilms, Mr. Abhishek Kumar and fintech and product leader (ex-Mastercard, ex-Paypal), Ms. Monica Jasuja, the conversation explored the advantages and challenges posed by AI, including its potential impact on employment dynamics. Amidst the buzz surrounding AI, the speakers emphasised the irreplaceable role of human empathy in fostering meaningful relationships, citing examples such as Sam Altman’s profound influence on his team at OpenAI.

Following this insightful discussion, the spotlight shifted to Sheroes and Mahila Money Founder, Ms Sairee Chahal, who joined us to share her reflections on leadership and the evolving landscape for women in business. Her words resonated with the audience, underscoring the importance of nurturing diverse leadership styles and empowering women to excel in their respective fields. Find your strategic allies, and keep pushing on with your asks, she enjoined us. 

Questions ranged from how to ensure we have more diverse seats at the table, to how to look at creating more solidarity, more opportunities for collaboration rather than competition and the need of the house being more initiatives that foster peer support and mentorship. 

 In-person attendees, including female entrepreneurs and professionals from sectors ranging from D2C to media and advertising, immersed themselves in the stimulating exchange of ideas.

*Adding a touch of entrepreneurial flair to the gathering, a small exhibition showcased the products of emerging ventures aligned with Tap In Tribe’s latest initiative. From Zikrr’s exquisite ittars to Breww47’s artisanal cold brews and Health Collective’s stationery and goodies, the exhibits garnered rave reviews, highlighting the innovation and creativity driving these ventures forward.

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As the discussions concluded, the ambience shifted to the cozy confines of Whizdom Café, where networking continued over cups of steaming chai and coffee. Here, connections were forged, ideas were exchanged, and collaborations were born, embodying the spirit of community and collaboration that defines Tap In Tribe.

In essence, Chai Chats – Tap In Tribe’s Women’s Day event at Whizdom was a celebration of innovation, empowerment, and camaraderie. Through engaging discussions, entrepreneurial showcases, and meaningful interactions, it served as a testament to the collective strength and resilience of women in business. 

If you want to be a part of these events, send us a hi and a quick intro of yourself over team[at]tapintribe[dot]com or community[at]tapintribe[dot]com 

Happy Women’s Day! 🙂

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