Lessons from the C-Suite: Abhishek Kumar

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Abhishek Kumar, the Group CEO, Balaji Telefilms, shares some insight on leadership and negotiation, as well as tips for candidates looking for their next job, from his perspective.

  1. What are some Tips you want to share with those who are facing a job search in a daunting atmosphere?
    The timing of your move and awareness of opportunities are key factors, especially when the market is facing a downturn. Both of these are addressed by being aware of developments in your preferred industry/function. Keep a close watch on what is the latest trend, movements in industry leaders, changes in the landscape etc. These are as important even if you are not looking for a change but want to grow within your space. Jobs/functions and entire industries face existential crises at regular intervals and it pays to be ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge. Lastly, 80% of any deal is showing up. In the case of jobs, it’s being available and perceived to be available. Reach out, build your network and be open to conversations.   
  1. From your point of view, what’s one thing you think helps a candidate stand out in interviews?
    Beyond the basics that you would’ve already tested for before the interview, there is only one thing that distinguishes a great candidate from a pool of equally qualified applicants: confidence. This can come across as conviction in their beliefs, thoughtfulness in their strategy/vision or preparedness.
  2. You’re in the C-Suite and have worked on so many M&A’s over the course of your career – what’s your secret sauce when it comes to negotiation? Can you share a few (actionable) tips?
    While you might not want to leave anything on the table, the only deals that are successful in the long term are those where both sides walk away thinking it’s a good deal. Aim for a win/win outcome and ensure that the other side knows that. Come prepared with your must haves, good to have, can barter issues/numbers. Every negotiation is a combination of monetary & non-monetary prizes. Have the list and be prepared to trade in both. Identifying the gap is the easiest, reaching a mid-point is tough until you add the other elements – perks, rights, favours etc.
  3. You’re in a high-stakes, high-pressure job, and a challenging industry – what are some of your hacks to keep it together and be efficient and productive but *not burn out?
    Take some down time every day – could be sport, content, hobby anything.
  1. What is a top trend you’re looking fwd to in 2023 in your industry/ area of expertise?
    Revival of the theatrical business by mid-year, new genres on streaming, exciting tech-driven integrations.

Views expressed are personal.

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