Navigating Biases, Tackling Challenges with Tap in Tribe

by Dea Srivastava

Tap In Tribe’s penultimate mixer for the calendar year took place in the vibrant city of Mumbai – a city of dreams with an energy only few can match. The venue this time was SoHo House. With the Juhu beach in sight, Mumbai’s spirit echoed around us, setting the stage for a day of revelation and connection.

Mumbai, our chosen canvas for this chapter, epitomizes diversity and resilience. It’s a city where dreams take shape against the backdrop of tradition and modernity. Inside the opulent SoHo House, where luxury meets warmth, my fellow attendees and I embarked on a journey that transcended the typical networking affair. We, a diverse group of women, delved into topics that mirrored the challenges and triumphs of our professional lives.

To kick off the mixer on a playful note, we shared  a special Tap In Tribe crossword puzzle with all present. It became an icebreaker for a few and homework for a few others.

You can give it a go below as well; thanks to Tanya Sahay for this one

As I listened to a senior professional share her story, I felt a pang of recognition. Her experience of leading strategic pitches only to have financial discussions redirected to her male colleague resonated deeply. In this day and age, the persistence of such biases against women in finance and decision-making was disheartening.

Another story was about someone sharing their struggles with inappropriate comments about attire, added another layer to our conversations. What struck me was that these comments came from a fellow woman. It triggered a contemplation on the necessity for women to uplift and support each other in professional spaces.

The mixer reached its crescendo with personal videos contributed by the participants. Each narrative became a brushstroke in a canvas of shared experiences, creating a powerful tapestry of unity and understanding among us.

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My journey with Tap In Tribe surpassed the ordinary with this mixer. It became a space where voices were amplified, biases confronted, and bonds forged. In the backdrop of Mumbai’s resilience, Tap In Tribe stood as a beacon, nurturing empowerment and unity among women. Safe to say that this was not just an event; it was a reminder of the collective strength derived from shared experiences and mutual support.

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