As you heard in the first video in this module, Empathy is a great trait for leaders, especially in the world as we know it today.

Both Sairee Chahal and Abhishek Kumar talk about the importance of Empathy in Leaders. That is required for all stakeholders — whether it’s team members, employees or shareholders. While there are many common levers for motivation, he says, “What differentiates great leaders today, or at least those who want to be better leaders, is the ability to have empathy, to have understanding. And that goes beyond material and financial considerations.”

  • How have you shown Empathy recently as a leader or aspiring leader?
  • Is this a trait you look for in leaders in your own organisation?
  • What are some of the traits you think make for a good leader?

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Empathetic leaders display a genuine concern for their team members, whether it is their emotional health, the challenges they may face, or even include showing interest in their lives

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